the sea inside

" ‘the sea inside’ explores ideas of ‘inner’ sounds and listening through a wide range of works; scores, texts, objects, and performance pieces.

Through a focus on ‘inner’ sound - defined by Karlsson as ‘sounds we hear as part of our inner worlds of thoughts, ideas, and emotions’ - the work explores our wider relationship to sound. Through exploring what the idea of an ‘inner ear’ means for our understanding of sound and listening, the work teases out sometimes unexpected and often complex ideas and cultural beliefs which influence and shape our relationship to sound.

Underpinned by Karlsson’s research project into inner sounds and inner listening, the works taps into cultural fears of ‘hearing things’; explores collective listening experiences; asks what happens in the intersections of affect and listening as well as asking us simply to pay more attention to our own inner world of sound.

Collectively, the works suggest that inner sounds are an important, if often overlooked, aspect of hearing and listening, and a fruitful area for exploring our complex relationship to sounds. It shows that sound, far from being something fragile, ephemeral, and easily ignored, is instead something far more complex –something unruly, transgressive, and subversive."


Part of 'the sea inside',  'Intimacy' was an evening of performances, exploring the theme of 'intimacy' through performance and live art.

Curated by LAPER and Victoria Karlsson

Yique (CN/UK), Elena Akaeva (RUS/UK), Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (MX/UK), Valerie Driscoll (UK), Alexandra Holownia (PL/DE), Victoria Karlsson (SWE/UK), Naomi Morris (UK), Jennifer Ng (SG/UK), Hannah Oram and Lara Kester (UK) and Teresa Paiva (UK).

Alexandra Holownia


Naomi Morris


Elena Akaeva


Jennifer Ng

"Black Water Blade" 

Hannah Oram and Lara Kester

"Putting on Armour"

Valerie Driscoll


Veronica Cordova de la RosA

"Mourning 'bad death'"

Teresa Paiva

Based on Circumstances (ABC)"

Victoria Karlsson

"Aural Séance"