aural séance

Two men sitting at a table, both with their eyes closed. A woman is standing behind one of them, resting her hand on his shoulder,  leaning down to whisper something to him

'Aural Séance' is a interactive performance piece exploring inner listening. The participants are asked to take part in a séance, listening together towards inner sounds. The work explores the porous nature of the listening experience, where inner and outer intertwine. It raises questions around how self-contained our 'inner' space really is.

Tate Staff Biennale 2019

Modern Panic 2018

Points of Listening 2017

D!N DINS event, Artlicks Weekend 2017

Video Description: 

The video is a number of black and white still photographs. Three people are seated around a table, early on they close their eyes. A fourth, a white woman dressed in a black dress, with short hair, first stands at the head of the table, and then starts walking around the table. Sometimes she stops and whispers to the people seated.