mapping experiences of inner sound

A number of people stting around a table. A woman standing on front of a presentation screen whcih reads 'aural Séance'

I have recently completed a PhD Research Degree at University of the Arts, London. My practice-based research, titled "Mapping experiences of inner sounds" investigates sounds in thoughts, asking if we hear sounds in our minds, what they mean to us and where they come from. 

My sound art and performance practice form an integral part of the research process, driving the research forward, often functioning as a way for me to work through and make sense of complex intersecting ideas and concepts. 

Through my research, I have defined inner sounds as 'sounds we hear in both our conscious and unconscious mind, similar to, but different from an inner voice.'

My research investigates strategies of articulating and making inner sounds audible, and exploring the possibility, or impossibility, of developing a language to externalise and map experiences of inner sounds. The research also asks what a greater understanding of inner sounds means for our wider, cultural perception of listening, sound and sonic art.

PhD Webinar – "Mapping Experiences of Inner Sounds"

Conference Papers and Talks

Sound/Image                                                        University of Greenwich, 2015                                        'The image as a trigger for inner sound'

Sound Art Matters                                                    University of Aarhus, 2016                                        "Porous Listening"

Sound/Image                                                        University of Greenwich, 2017                                      'thresholds'

Tate Research                                                    Tate Galleries, 2022                                          'Mapping experiences of inner sound' - research presentation


Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash