Small segment oftext score printed on white paper

Quarantine Score

Publshed in the Delicate Rébellion's (un)influenced issue, December 2020.


A sound that annoys you maybe - like that car alarm going off at 3am in the morning? We tend to ignore sounds, mostly– to only pay attention to them when they annoy or intrude. We attribute much of our knowledge of the world to our vision – but we get as much – if not more – information about the world from our other senses, like hearing, touch and smell."

Delicate Rébellion, 2018

Black and white picture of ear
Text prompts used in soundwalk. Brown card with examples of sounds such as sound of loss, sound of delusion printed on.

"Over the weekend of 7-9th of September 2018 I attended and lead a walk at ‘The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography’ in Huddersfield and the Colney Valley."

UAL Post Graduate Community

Interview on Resonance FMs 'Art on Air', discussing my participation in the Tate Staff Biennale and my performance piece 'Aural Séance' 

White text on blue background: Art On Air: An anatomy of Tate. an image of birds flying around a telephone pole.