murmur exists somewhere in between a text score and a protocol (a record of scientific experimental observations). It gives some simple instructions for listening towards your inner world of sound, and some suggestions as to how you can ‘record’ this elusive inner listening experience.

Sound artist and composer Pauline Oliveros argued that listening is a skill, that you develop with practice, over time. This piece leans into that, hinting at the fact that you may not think you can hear inner sounds, but in allowing time for them, perhaps they will come to the surface.

The composition can be listened to as part of the exercise, or as a separate piece.

Please use headphones. 


                       a protocol for inner listening



  • Set some time aside
  • Set an alarm if you need to finish by a certain time
  • Find a space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed 
  • Prepare a notebook or something else to record the experience on/with



  • Find a comfortable position
    • Standing
    • Sitting
    • Lying down 
  • (optional) Close your eyes
  • Listen inwardly 
  • Try to relax and not force the listening experience
  • Try to focus your hearing on the inner sounds, without shutting out the outside sounds 
  • Let the listening experience happen 
  • The inner listening experience might involve some/all/none of the following. Accept them as part of your inner listening
    • Emotions
    • Memories/
    • Associations


  • Record your listening experience in any way you see fit. Possibilities include:
    • Writing 
    • Speaking 
    • Making sound 
    • Drawing/visual aids
  • Try to include the full experience (feelings emotions etc)