'murmur' is a protocol for inner listening. Read and follow the instructions. The composition can be listened to as part of the exercise, or as a separate piece. Please use headphones. 


                       a protocol for inner listening



  • Set some time aside
  • Set an alarm if you need to finish by a certain time
  • Find a space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed 
  • Prepare a notebook or something else to record the experience on/with



  • Find a comfortable position
    • Standing
    • Sitting
    • Lying down 
  • (optional) Close your eyes
  • Listen inwardly 
  • Try to relax and not force the listening experience
  • Try to focus your hearing on the inner sounds, without shutting out the outside sounds 
  • Let the listening experience happen 
  • The inner listening experience might involve some/all/none of the following. Accept them as part of your inner listening
    • Emotions
    • Memories/
    • Associations


  • Record your listening experience in any way you see fit. Possibilities include:
    • Writing 
    • Speaking 
    • Making sound 
    • Drawing/visual aids
  • Try to include the full experience (feelings emotions etc)