aural conjuring

Exhibited as part of 'Walls in Online PLaces' 

Performed live at 'Inside Job' Tate Modern, 2022

 'Aural Conjuring' was created in response to the COVID-19 lockdown of London in April 2020. The work is a listening ritual, an attempt to listen towards what I am missing, what I fear, what I hope for. The performance approaches listening as an act of reaching outside of yourself, connecting, longing and remaining open in a time of isolation.  

aural conjuring - resistance

Three tarot cards on a wooden floor





Knight of Swords - the trickster, volatile and changeable

Knight of Cups - truth, beauty and love

Queen of Pentcles - practical help

hard-necessity-fear-hope-resist-stay-positive-better world-hope-fight-hope

aural conjuring - alternate futures

10 of Cups - plenty of love is available to be offered and recieved; gratitude

4 of Pentacles - nothing ventured, nothing gained

9 of Pentacles - material benefits (through hard work) are promised and appreciated  

Small recorder at top of picture, 3 tarot cards displayed on a wooden floor
Righthabd side page of notebook with handwriting







aural conjuring- missing you

Three tarot cards on stone garden stones



8 of Wands - creativity, regeneration and new activity 

4 of Pentacles - anxiety, fear the freedom of emotions will result in loss or hurt

The World - success, harmony and achievement  

scratching sound - helplessness - small - longing - fear - longing - hope - fear