the thing with feathers

Hand holding a transparent note with a belle hooks quote

the thing with feathers’ explores the idea of queer listening. It imagines queer listening as a listening past, through or underneath the static of heteronormative dominant noise.

Sounds moves easily in and out of spaces, through walls and across thresholds; even crossing with ease between what we consider our outer and inner selves. In the context of queer difference and loneliness, these unruly sounds, and queer listening, becomes a way of connection against the odds.

The work imagines the intimate and subtle act of sounding/listening as a meeting and a sharing; a reaching toward the other, where sound acts as a bridge; a moment of solidarity, resistance and hope.

Queer listening listens out for, reaches toward, the disoriented or differently oriented other(…) Queer is always listening out through the static produced by not-queer emanations of vocalic bodies.

Queer Listening to Queer Vocal Timbre yvon Bonenfant