workshops and talks

I am available to run workshops or talks on a variety of sound and listening topics. You can find a few examples of workshops I run below – although if you don’t see anything suitable, please get in touch. I am more than happy to discuss your needs and put together a workshop or talk on a specific topic.

My PhD research project at CRiSAP, UAL, focused on sounds in thoughts – if, and how, we think about and through, sound. In both my practice and research, I am interested in exploring sound as a cultural and/or human phenomenon, not just a physical one. I am keen to make my workshops and talks accessible and interesting to anyone and everyone – whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced sound artist.

All workshops and talks can be run either in person or virtually. 

Inner Listening and Sound

My research undertaken at CRiSAP; UAL explored the idea of 'inner' sounds– sounds we hear as part of our inner worlds of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. The talk or workshop can either focus on a particular aspect of inner sounds and listening, or an overview of the research project and its outcomes.  

Duration: 60/90 mins/half day

Introduction to Soundwalking

Experience your environment in a different way through sound and listening. Learn the history and practice of sound walking, along with exploring a number of ways to ‘record’ your experiences on the walk.     

Sound walks are walks (often in groups) with a specific focus on exploring sounds and listening to the environment. They offer a great opportunity to start exploring sound and listening and are also a great way to explore and learn about local areas.

Duration: 90 mins/half day/full day

Introduction to Visual Scores

Learn a brief history of the visual score and explore ways of making your own.

Visual scores are musical scores, which use graphics, images, colours, or text instead of tradition la notation. They are often used in improvisational music context, where tradition l notation might not work. They provide an accessible, creative and fun way for anyone to explore expressing and sharing sound and listening experiences.  

Duration: 90 mins/half day/full day  

Sound and Performance Art

Explore the intersection of sound and performance art – how can sound and listening be explored through performance, and what can sound bring to a performance practice. A basic knowledge of performance art is required for this workshop.

Duration: 90 mins/half day/full day