A living, integral part of any physical environment,sound art has the unique ability to suggest and open up new words on the edges of the real and the imagined. Victoria Karlssons work is influenced by phonography, psycho-geography and traditional compositional practices. 

As a sound designer she creates sonic art that explores haunted spaces and also haunted sounds themselves. She creates sound environments that evokes alternative worlds and explores our experience of space.

 Her installation work investigate space, internal and external experience and the site specific.





Haunted Weather - David Toop

Ocean of Sound - David Toop

Sinister Resonance - David Toop

Listening to Sound and Silence - Salome Voegelin

Noise Water Meat - Douglas Kahn 

Invisible Cities - Italo Calvino

Playing with words - Cathy Lane

Autumn Leaves - Angus Carlyle

In the Blink of an Ear - Seth Kim-Cohen

The Human Voice - Anne Karpf



Pauline Oliveros

Mark Rothko

Morton Feldman

Luciano Berio

Jacob Kirkegaard

Janet Cardiff